Thursday, August 12, 2010

It Only Takes a Moment

It really only takes one moment. I was in the basement with the kids. All 3 of them were down here with me. I took clothes out of the dryer, put some new ones in from the washer, and loaded the washer. We were all down here in the rec room as I sat on the floor to fold the warm clothes, and then, in an instant 2 of them were gone. Before I could even get up off the floor my son (6) ran down to tell me Lily (2) knocked a dresser over, and to come quick...

Upon racing up the stairs I was immediately grateful for 1 thing, the baby was NOT trapped underneath the dresser. Apparently these dressers have a safety feature where all the drawers pull out if it starts to tip and lock, stopping the dresser from falling fully onto its front, and in some cases, I imagine pushing said child away from the falling object. Thank Goodness. Apparently, my son (6) went up to use the bathroom and the baby followed him up and disappeared upstairs. He heard the dresser fall, and the baby came racing down the stairs and hid under the small desk their computer sits on. I guess I need to invest in some straps for anchoring the furniture, and also a new stud finder to be sure we get them safely anchored in the girls room.

I only takes a moment for your heart to jump into your throat...and for your sanity to be gone forever...I'll miss mine!

To those that thought I was neurotic about child-proofing and safety before, wait till you see me now!

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