Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Grade

I was trying to think of a quick, witty title for this post, but my brain is so saturated with pregnancy hormones all I can think about is how my baby is 6, and just left me for all day school. I'm having a really rough time this year, for the first time, I cried when he left on the bus. I'd like to blame the hormones, but really, I think it's just the permanence of all day school. We won't have lunch together, I won't be picking him up, or hearing about the messes the "morning friends" left in the classroom, and, to top it all off, he's going to be gone 8:00AM until 3:45PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday he will come home a little earlier, so it's 8:00AM until 2:45PM. Of course, these times are bus-ride to bus-ride, so his time in actual school are going to be less. It's just so much. He's going to be gone all the time. Ruthie starts Pre-K in 2 weeks. She will attend 9:00AM-11:00AM Tuesday and Thursday. She's excited, I'm excited, and Lily can't wait to have alone time with Momma! I think the first day is going to be difficult for me too, I'm having more and more trouble letting go lately.

Ok, enough of that, how about some pictures!?

"Excited" was the word of the day! No fear, No Dread, only excitement for First Grade!

Mr. Serious doesn't want to be late for the bus! Little did he know we still had 20 minutes to spare!

Obligatory photo with sisters who are still in their pajamas...

Lounging like a lizard waiting for his bus!

"Ok Mom, that's enough pictures..."

"Stop taking my picture for real Mom!"

Bye's for Lily!

"Love You This Much,Charlie!"

"Goodbye Charlie, I'll miss you forever!" (2 minutes later she was a puddle of tears...we stood there and cried together as Charlie drove away in that big yellow bus!

Here comes the bus!!

Going up the stairs for the first time as a First Grader!

Talking to the driver, he had him in the afternoon last year, so it's great, Charlie already knows him, and I already have a copy of his driving report (totally clean!), background check (got it through the school), and he's already changed the route to pick Charlie up and drop him off at our driveway. I LOVE this bus driver, he's awesome!

There he goes, off to his first day of First Grade!

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  1. Those are the cutest pictures I've ever seen.
    That shot of him lying down at the bus stop is priceless. Your kids are beautiful. I totally understand the emotions.