Friday, September 17, 2010

There Comes A Time

There comes a time in every Mom's life where you look at your kids and think "How did you get so big!?". I had one of those moments this morning while eating breakfast with Charlie. He gets himself up, brushes his teeth, makes his bed, and gets dressed. We head downstairs together and I usually prepare his breakfast while he tells me what he's looking forward to each day. This morning, however, he said "Mom, just sit down, I'll make you a bowl of cereal." And you know what!? He did! He poured the cereal for both of us and added the milk before fetching spoons for both of us. I didn't argue, even though I was going to make us both omelets...the cereal and conversation that followed was great. He told me he should be getting his violin today...I can't wait to see it!

I walked him out to the bus, and one he got on, 4 girls turned around immediately to talk with him. HOW DID HE GET SO BIG? AND WHERE DID HE GET ALL THAT "GAME"???? hahaha

I stood in the driveway as the bus pulled away thinking that my little baby boy is long gone, all that I have now is this bigger boy searching for his way in this world and I am merely a guide along the way.

It hurts folks...and at the same time it's wonderful that he can be so independent. It doesn't ease the pain inside my heart that my boy is no longer the little guy that wanted nothing more than to sit near me and cuddle. At least I can console myself with the fact that I have about 11 years before he graduates and I become an empty-nester...and I have my girls and this little guy due in Jan. There is hope! I didn't plan to hold onto him forever, just a little longer than this!

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