Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello Moto

Dear Motorola,

Do you think it is possible that you could build a phone that would last forever like the Nokia 5165? The last 2 Motorola phones I've owned, Motorola Razr and V170 were complete weak pieces of trash. When the Droid came out, my husband insisted I get it because it had Google Maps built in GPS included in the Verizon service plan, and truthfully, I think he wanted to play with the Droid.

However, having owned the Droid for approximately 5 months I have a few complaints that I'd like you to correct.

1. The damn thing is heavy. It's like carrying a brick around in my pocket, and I am certain that if I threw it just right, I could kill someone with it. In contrast, the iphone is light as a come apple could similarly equip their phone without it weighing a ton??

2. Lately I've been having major overheat issues. I've not modified, dropped, or done anything to this phone besides take care of it and store it in my air conditioned house or have it in my air conditioned car and yet, it constantly stops charging due to overheating. I keep my house at 73* F, just how cool does it have to be to not overheat the Droid? Droid does alright, it overheats and shuts off in the middle of navigation that I'm depending on. Yep. Droid sure does. it also burns your leg if it's in your pants pocket when it goes into it's little overheat mode.It's all over the internet boards, so I know I'm not the only one having this issue. Figure it out, and recall it before I do throw it at someone. - Also, I don't want a free app to tell me the phone is overheating for no reason, I want it to STOP OVERHEATING FOR NO REASON. (for those who don't own one, the battery won't charge or hold charge if it overheats. The phone dies, shuts off, and will even shut off in the middle of navigation- even being held in front of the A/C! which isn't so convenient if you are in a strange city, state, or country and NEED the nav!)

3. Battery life. Seriously?! You can't surf anything without killing this thing.

4. The setting configuration is complicated, frustrating, and annoying. can you at least TRY to make your "smart phones" user friendly!?? Try, hire someone else if you have to because the first generation Droid sucks.

5. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY carries covers or cases for this thing. I've had to get them online because even the Verizon store near me doesn't carry them.

So far the only good thing about this phone are the free apps. I'm certain that soon there will be some horrible virus or something that will go out and destroy all our phones. That will be loads of fun.

Not Sure I Will Ever Trust You Again,
Annoyed Customer #1,000,000

PS. The start-up sequence with the pulsing red light like Kitt from night-rider is my favorite feature of this phone. Whoever programmed/thought of that rocks!

Truth be told, I'd rather have an iphone. You can get cute cases and covers everywhere, and it seems a lot more user friendly than the Droid. I really want a Psych cover, and they're only available for iphone and Blackberry - how fair is that!?? Also, like I said, it's heavy as hell. Don't take my word for it, stop by the Verizon store and see for yourself. Also, the apps, while they are not free, are way better. Better games, better music, better a lot of things. I don't know about battery life, but I haven't heard my friend that has one complain about overheating. So it has a lot going for it in my personal opinion. I almost wish I could just go back to the old Nokia, at least it lasted Chris 10 years! I'll be surprised if the Droid lasts me the 2 years until the contract renewal is up! This phone is a total piece of crap, and I'm afraid it's going to burn me.

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