Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scouting, it's not for the poor!

Charlie goes off to Boyscout day-camp with his Dad tomorrow. Chris and Charlie will be gone from about 8:30AM - 3:00PM depending on traffic, weather, etc...I'm excited for Charlie, but every the worrywart, he's concerned about everything. Here are some of the things I've heard over the last 24 hrs:

C- "Mom, I'm afraid to go to camp"
Me- "Why?"
C- "I don't want to get eaten by a Chicago Bear!"
Me- "Honey, those are football players, you know that, they don't eat people"
C- "Oh, they're not real bears? Then I guess I could go to camp"

Then there was:
C- "Mom, I don't want to go to camp again"
Me- "Why not this time?"
C- "I'm afraid I'll get shot by a bb-gun and all my blood will come out"
Me- "That will never happen. Your Dad will be there with you to make sure you don't walk where you shouldn't, and besides, bb-guns wouldn't hurt you that way"
C- "Are You SURE!?"
Me- "Yes!!"
C- "Absolutely positively sure??"
Me- "Yes! Now stop worrying and concentrate on all the fun you are going to have"

C- "Hey Mom, I'm not sure about going to camp"
Me- "Ugh, What's wrong!?"
C- "I don't wanna wake Daddy up"
Me- "You won't have to, I'm going to get up first and make you breakfast and send you on your way"
C- "so you have to get up early too?"
Me- "Yes, sort of"
C-"Oh, no, you're going to be GRUMMMPY!"
Me- "I'll try not to be, just think about all the fun you are going to have and all the new people you are going to meet. Don't forget to L-I-S-T-E-N to your Daddy and the other adults so you know what you are supposed to be doing"
C- "Ok Mom, I'll have fun if you promise not to be grumpy"
Me- "Deal!"

The last one was on the way to the Scout store this afternoon to stock up on uniform items. He will be wearing a scout camp shirt tomorrow and his swimsuit on Friday so he didn't need it yet, BUT, I decided to go ahead and get it now. I knew it was going to be expensive. Chris is an Eagle Scout, and I remember it was about $250 about 7 years ago when he went and bought uniforms and had patches put on and all that in Virginia. I prepared's what we got...

Left to Right: BSA Belt (Boyscouts, not exclusive to Tiger Cubs, should last through 2 years), Neckerchief exclusive to Tiger Cubs (Will have to get a different one next year), Neckerchief slide also exclusive to Tiger cub (Will have to get a different one next year), Socks exclusive to Tiger Cub (Will have to get different ones next year), BSA uniform shirt (I have to sew on all the patches, but the shirt it not exclusive to the Tiger rank and can be re-used), BSA uniforms pants that zip off to shorts (Also not exclusive to Tiger rank can be re-used), 2 Tiger cub t-shirts (He will wear camping, working, etc...with his pack - will have to get new shirts next year), Tiger Cub hat (necessary to the uniform and also will have to have a different hat next year).

Center>And this is what it cost us...

I can only re-use $56.97 of that $105.91 so just over 53% re-usage. Although, if Charlie grows much after I hem the pants that will knock off another $24.99 from that re-usage total. I'm going to have them hemmed a little long. He won't be hiking in them, and they are really only for meetings or big events that the pack might go to at his age/rank (Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball games and the like). Still, we are lucky and blessed to be able to afford these things. I cannot imagine a family that can't because I don't know of anywhere except perhaps EBAY (I should have looked there first!) that a less fortunate family would get uniforms afford-ably from. I still have to pick up some hiking boots, I will probably have to go to Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, or Gander Mountain to get a comfortable, BREATHABLE pair!

So far scouting has already cost us $40-sign up, $40- 2 day day-camp, $105.91-uniforms and they haven't even done anything yet. No trash collection, no community service, no meetings, NOTHING. I'm hoping that my son will be out doing the community some good soon because I'm very frustrated that his friend only 45 minutes from here has already been out doing several things and learning formally about conservation. If I didn't believe so strongly in the values, relationships, and lessons that the BSA teaches to young men (And in turn the GSA for young ladies) I would be completely shocked and pull my son out of the program. However, I do believe in what it teaches young people and I also believe that any time parents spend with their children learning, teaching, and helping them grow is a good thing. I am willing to bet that Charlie will never forget his time in the BSA.

I have to go get a new sewing machine Friday so that I can sew on the patches. The Singer that I have is not up to sewing through the thickness and I would have tension, needle, and presser-foot nightmares,(not to mention it would TEAR the shirt!!!) so I told Chris I'm going to go invest in one that will serve our 2 main purposes: 1. Repairing cloth diapers which includes ripping seams, replacing and stitching elastic then sewing through no less than 5 layers of material (sometimes more). 2. Scouting uniforms which includes hemming pants, sewing badges, removing and replacing badges (sewing in places that might have more thickness than normal).I'm glad he doesn't ever complain or argue about these things. The cheap Singer just can't do it. In the end, it's just money, we have been blessed to have access to the program, and the funds to support it, and I'm certain that Charlie will have a fabulous time at camp! When we go on vacation in Mid-August I plan to have him camp out with Daddy at least one night (The rest of us will be in a cabin) so they can have some male-bonding time. Charlie is finally old enough that he realizes he can have special guy-time with Daddy! Hallelujah!

PS. If you know of anywhere I can get clear, durable thread, I'm all ears!

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  1. Adorable conversation. I love the Chicago Bear part. And the deal you made not to be crabby.
    I'm always impressed with Eagle Scouts. That takes a lot of work.
    Wow! The gear and fees really add up. Hopefully Charlie will get a lot out of it.
    Also, let me know what kind of sewing machine you get. I'd be curious to know which is tough enough for those big jobs. I still have post traumatic bobbin knotting stress issues from my old Singer.

  2. Trish, glad I'm not the only one with Post-Traumatic bobbin knotting stress issues. It's not me, definitely the machine, I'm going to get a Janome most likely...I'll let you know...