Monday, December 20, 2010

Speed Stacking, sure it's a real sport, just like soccer

About a week ago, Michele @ told her readers about her children's school starting a jump=rope team. I thought it sounded great, because MY school had one when I was in first grade and it's where I won my sleeping bag that I still have and use (for being the champion).

However, my son's school offers no, and I mean ZERO sports outside of PE class. A lot of the kids in his school have no idea what it is to go outside and play, and are Nintendo, Xbox, and computer game addicts. So, I guess the school decided to rectify that situation by introducing a speed stacking team. The paper came home on Friday and I thought "What the heck is this", so I visited their website this morning, you can see it:

If I've ever seen something that should be taught in a Las Vegas school, it's definitely, speed stacking. Can't you just see it as a new came in the casino? You know, to bring in the 8 and under crowd ;-) I was can they say that is a "sport"? Skill perhaps, but sport?

Needless to say, we will not be participating in the speed stacking team...unless his friend, Sam, is...then, he'll be on the "team" for sure.

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  1. That's funny. Speed Stacking?! hahaha. Man, I get a kick out of "America's" version of sports!

    My seven year old daughter spent five hours on her iTouch yesterday. She read a few books, played a few games, played house for a bit and then got on her iTouch. Both her and my niece.

    Normally, I would be appalled, but since it was 45 below zero and we had zero visibility and our house was buried in SNOW, I figured it was OK! (literally, our house on stilts is buried in snow. We had to dig OUT of our front door to get the dog out! But I had cabin fever so I walked to the store with full combat gear on and a flashing headlamp so people would see me!)