Friday, December 24, 2010

Nothing Says Christmas Like...

Nothing says Christmas like waking up to your kid whining, crying, and throwing up all over themselves and their bed! Yep, that strange, feverless 12-hour bug Ruthie had about 2 weeks ago has struck again! Charlie woke up with it this morning, and though he says he feels better now, I just can't trust that (because she said she felt fine when she went to school...). It's a bummer, but we're plugging along. I'm heading out to pick up the pies, and probably going to get a back-up plan for tomorrow just in case this bug hangs on and the family can't come up. The important thing is that we're here together, and we're all getting some extra cuddle time!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

PS. I won't be allowing anyone to eat the Gingerbread house Charlie made...just as a precaution!

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  1. oh man, at least it´s better today than tomorrow morning! Hugs and I hope he feels better quickly