Friday, February 11, 2011

Remote Start This!

So, I got a new van in November. I wanted auto doors, tailgate, and auto start. I got 2 out of 3 with a promise that they would install the auto start as soon as they could get the part.

Last week they called and said they had the part, so I drove the car up at 12:45 yesterday, dropped her off, and came home for what was supposed to be 2 hours of intallation. -HA!

I received a call at 4PM telling me that the part was not for my car, but was compatible, and that it would not be able to open the power sliding doors. So I would have to carry 2 remotes, 1 to open the sliders, 1 to start, and they would basically look identical. Say what!? They had promised it would just be a completely filled in remote and I would only have 1 when I booked the appointment. I said I'd have to think about it.

About 6PM they called to tell me the starter wasn't going to work because it was incompatible with my van and could not be programmed. WHAT!? My car was there for 6 hours and they just figured that out!? ARGH!

So, I picked up the car, no remote starter, and now I have to wait 2-4 weeks for a refund check from the dealership (because I paid for it when I bought the car) so that I can pay off the remote starter I am going to have installed after-market. I couldn't be more frustrated right now. I just want to stop freezing my butt off!

Car dealerships are my own personal version of hell, what's yours?!?



  1. Today the ambient temperature was -28 below zero. With a wind of 15 MPH.

    We have no remote start because remote start does not work in this cold of weather because you have to actually COAX your car to her up a bit, pray and crank that starter over and over again.

    I feel your pain! hahaha.

  2. P.S. the low for tonight is supposed to hit -51 below zero...not including our horrible wind. I highly doubt that my car will start tomorrow, so I have to set my alarm for every two hours to get up and start the car for about 15-20 minutes, drive around the block (get the wheels turning) and then go back to bed for another 2 hours. Otherwise they freeze and then until it gets about 30 above, you're stuck with no transportation the rest of the winter. :)

  3. Maija, I could never live like that. The seclusion alone would kill me, I need to be able to drive to wal mart for groceries and the mall if I just need to walk around with people (whether or not I buy things). I love my attached garage, and I love that my car does start in the winter, and that Tuesday, it will have a remote starter ;-)

  4. OMG, where does Maija live? I don't have an automatic starter. I wish I did, but since I always lose the key fob, it's probably not a good idea. Replacing the 75 dollar auto key unlock is one thing. Replacing the auto start would not be fun. My idea of hell is every time I have to stop and use a dirty pubic bathroom, which, with my job, happens a lot.

  5. Trish, she lives in kotzeube,AK click her name and check out her blog, finnskimo, she's a Finnish-Eskimo :-) and way cooler than me! LOL!

  6. I feel your pain. The remote start for our truck works great. Click lock 3 times, and it starts. Then, when we got our mini-van... Like you, I wanted remote start ALSO with power doors/tailgate. I still have one remote, but you can't operate the doors or unlock the doors if you have started remotely... WHAT'S THE POINT OF THAT?!?!?!?!? Carting 3 small children in the blistery cold, to wait for me to unlock the door with a key, get in, put key in ignition, then unlock the doors, so back doors will open and they can get in... WHAT A PAIN IN THE... you know. So, even though we have the remote start, we warm it up, husband goes out, puts keys in, unlocks the doors, and then we all get in. What a waste though. Not hateful in the summer though, to get the a/c cranking! :-)