Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Our Lucky 4-Leaf Clover

We enjoyed some family time after school on Thursday. The kids really enjoy playing and being together, so we took some photos, ate some green cookies, and talked about leprachauns.

Clover diaper=awesome!

Charlie: A Leprachaun came into his classroom and left ice cream.

The park was really exciting for James

Ruthie: A Leprechaun came into her classroom and turned over chairs and made a big mess of the toys they had just cleaned up.She was ticked off they had to re-clean the room.

Big smiles from our little Irishman!

After preschool I took the girls to the park for a Mcdonald's picnic and some running around and screaming fun! We saw several kids from her pre-k there, so I wasn't the only Mom with that idea. It was a good time!

Lily on the roller slide

Ruthie on the roller slide!

Lily the cowgirl!

Ruthie and Ozzie. This little guy is in her Pre-K and he followed her everywhere, he even carried her sweatshirt for her...he worships her.She was pretty excited to see him there too!

<3 Sabrina

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