Monday, March 7, 2011


We're waiting for our tax return, have you received yours? At first, The IRS site said we would have it by March 8,Turbo Tax said March 4th. My Mom and step Dad filed the day after me, they've already gotten their refund. My Aunt filed on Feb 28th and had gotten her refund. I've gotten the State of Illinois refund already, but not the federal. It's probably because it's a lot of money and they don't want to cough it up, I get that, but it's ours, we donated a ton of our stuff this year, paid to charities and way overpaid for having 4 dependents (Next year, 5! Woot!). We just want our money so we can pay off the furnace! Today the IRS site says March 15th due to a delay in processing. Seriously!? So while the government is profiting from using OUR money another week or 2 I get to just sit here and wait. Thanks a lot Uncle Sam, thanks a lot!!

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